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  • Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • Alien
  • Charade
  • Brazil

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  • The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Travels with Father


  • The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: The Perils of Cupid

  • Steamboat Bill, Jr.


  • College


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  • Oh, Hello on Broadway

    Oh, Hello on Broadway


    Move over Citizen Kane.

  • Ralph Breaks the Internet

    Ralph Breaks the Internet

    This is a film made by calculated corporate deals, brand synergy, and corporate fetishization. It fails at satire because you can't take a paycheck from something you're actually critiquing. It promotes toxic "buzz click" culture and gives little notice beyond a single scene to the actual darkness of the internet. Heck, an arcade driver in the first film had more of an ethos.

    What this film lacks is a major antagonist to drive the story. It barely has any forward momentum besides "go get this" and "go do that."

    At best a total corporate shill of a film. At worst it's pro-capatalism propaganda.