Sorcerer ★★★★★

There is only one thing promised to all people: death. No matter what we do, death will crash through our door and take us from this world. Sorcerer is a film chronicling four men doing whatever they can to escape their foreseen doom. A gangster, a terrorist, a hit man and a thief; all thrown together by their mistakes and unavoidable fate. Friedkin juxtaposes the unflinching reality of the world — complete with harrowing camerawork and death defying stunt execution — with an ethereal synth-wave score from Tangerine Dream. Combine these two elements with suspense that is literally non-stop, and you have a film both other-worldly and acutely human. There is no such thing as a cruel fate. Death comes to us all. Fate is fate and there’s nothing we can do except make the best of the time we have. No minute spent living is promised. Sorcerer may very well be Friedkin’s best. Released in a year that saw the release of Star Wars, Sorcerer was a total failure commercially and was part of the final nails in the coffin of the New Hollywood era. We’re lucky Friedkin’s mad genius was given one last opportunity to be expressed completely unmitigated and on an epic scale. It’s compulsively watchable and impossible to leave unfinished. Sorcerer is a rare perfect motion picture.

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