Tenet ★★★★½

Felt pulled to this after watching AmbuLAnce. This is Nolan channeling Bay in the best way. An endless chain of mind blowing action strung together with only enough set-up to justify the stunts. Nolan deconstructs his overly complicated style and gives a film that’s little more than an explosive mood piece, and it’s all the better for it. We only ever know what the Protagonist knows at any given time, which isn’t much so why stress figuring it out? Just strap in for the ride. Much like the film’s inverted structure, we know the set-up and why of the film in its final scene rather than its first. The film is bookended by two giant set pieces, either of which could be a climax. The film itself is a palindrome in every aspect, with our leads inverting themselves halfway through and going back to where we started.  Dialogue isn’t needed and neither is naming our hero. Nolan calls us to not think, but to feel. Tenet is the simplest film in Nolan’s filmography and an open admission he is often up his own ass. This is the only film in his filmography that continues to get better with each rewatch.

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