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  • Jaws
  • A River Runs Through It
  • Murder by Decree
  • Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

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  • See How They Run


  • The Mask of Zorro


  • The Three Musketeers


  • White Squall


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  • See How They Run

    See How They Run

    Disappointing, just bland and forgettable

  • The Mask of Zorro

    The Mask of Zorro

    Oh I just fucking loved this, I loved the set pieces, I loved the sexy energy emulating off CZJ, I loved Banderas's sexy magnetic energy and charisma(pure moviestar vehicle for him), I love Anthony Hopkin's sexy gravelly warming voice that could command a sexy amphitheater, I love the sexy villainous deaths propelled by sexy revenge, I love the sexy sultry score and I loved the sexy Batman/Count of Monte Cristo/Mummy vibes.
    Yeah, cool ass movie, just a fun ride that would make all the kids in 1998 horny and bisexual.

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  • Normal People

    Normal People

    I had no fucking clue this was on Letterboxd. But oh my god. I have never felt so represented on screen before with Connell. The shyness, the anxiety, the quietness in not saying much with friends, not feeling like you fit in anywhere even though you have multiple groups of mates, that feeling of love that is just so moving and captivating that you can't explain. The scene after the debs, I related.

    I don't know if it's just because…

  • Amsterdam


    Call me woke or a virtue signaller or whatever the fuck you want but fuck David O'Russell.
    Dude is an absolute piece of shit who groped his niece, admitted to it and blamed it on them transitioning.
    He screamed at fucking extras leading to a fistfight with george clooney, made amy adams cry on set, screamed at lily tomlin.
    I just wanted anyone who is going to give their money for this movie to know how awful a human he is.