WandaVision ★★★★½

I know people have problems with the MCU, I know people have problems with superhero related culture, I know people have problems with Disney's monopoly and I know that they don't have the storytelling touch to delve creatively into thematic issues and surreal nature displayed by comic books as a whole....that said;
I can't deny that Wandavision wasn't the first MCU production that I unequivocally adored from start to finish. I love that for the most part, it could stand on its own, that it didn't need cameos at every turn and that it didn't need huge effects driven extravaganza set pieces(apart from the finale) happening all the time.
It's a testament to Jac Shaeffer and Matt Shankman as creator and director and Kevin Feige that they produced a show that feels like a proper story rather than a cliffhanger to get us engaged with the next piece of the puzzle in the MCUverse, no leadup to Strange or Fantastic Four or Spider-man, just a beautifully exhibited atonement towards the characters that are Wanda and Vision. Both may I say, have been inhabited and portrayed exquisitely by Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany.
An absolutely wonderful series propelled by sublime performances, direction, writing and artwork that I will enjoy to watch again. It felt incredibly confined to one story, never needed to be hugely outlandish and propel the narrative outside of its one location, it portrayed a wonderful combination of horror, comedy, mystery and fantasy whilst dabbling into the prospect of grief. Then painting over this trauma under the shadow of classic episodic programming. From the theme songs to the canned laughter to the directorial styles, dabbling into an array of feel good sitcoms and truly capturing the horrors and bizarre nature of their programming made the show feel completely new and original. I can't get over how well done it was and I'm thankful for it.
A beautiful farewell to an unusual couple.

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