The Matrix Resurrections

The Matrix Resurrections ★★★★★

i remember exactly where i was when i first watched the matrix. i don;t think i have that for any other movie, a flashbulb memory of exactly what was going on that day, where i was sitting, how excited i was to finally watch it. i love the matrix. and i love the sequels. and i love this sequel.
its awesome and kickass and about love and felt like deeply personal and about the insane effect the matrix has had on culture. everything i wanted and more. and it feels too like its about lana reckoning with this crazy pervasive thing shes created that people all interpret and misread in their own weird ways. taking control of what the matrix really is. because what's so insane about the matrix is that it's a movie that's ostensibly about altering reality, that actually altered reality. that's crazy. but i don't think it's about altering reality. it's about love. it's always been about love. the matrix resurrections is a movie about a movie that altered reality and its about love and its about how it was always about love and maybe if people realized that stuff wouldn't be so horrible now. because stuff really is horrible now– in the world and in movies. reboots. resurrections posits that rebooting old stories are putting their characters through real tangible suffering to entertain these slavering spiritually depraved fanboys (NPH). a lesser movie would use this theme to make something depressing and dark. despite the deep vitriol resurrections clearly harbors for the necessity of its own existence, its hopeful and strong and earnest and beautiful. what a fucking gift that this gets to open alongside shit like ghostbusters afterlife and spider man no way home. what a beautiful fuck you in imax. anyway, i could write about this movie for hours. i loved it so much. i left the theater and took the train and ate a burger and looked out a restaurant window at people walking by and thought about the matrix. i went to the bench where my girlfriend and i sat on our first date and i sat there. there were a bunch of geese there on our first date and there were geese when i sat there after the matrix. now it just turned midnight and its christmas and i need to go to bed so santa will come. sorry for the scattered thoughts here but this is a fucking masterpiece. merry christmas. it's all love all the way down

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