Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★

Ethan Hawke described Before Sunrise is a film about what might be, Before Sunset as a film about what could or should be, and Before Midnight as a film about what is.

And it's true, Jesse and Celine's relationship seems more grounded in reality than ever. It's great to see what they have achieved now in their 40s, with still the same sharp minds discussing the world and relationships. And it's sad to see them argue, because their relationship isn't hypothetical anymore and life isn't always what you want. The deep unsatisfactions and unhappiness then take centre stage and it can be ugly to witness, though it rings very close to home.

Their reality: they are broken people living in a broken world. They are the fruits of their society, our society. And as much as they are clever people good at philosophising, they are struggling to find a real purpose and be less focused on themselves as individuals.

PS: thanks for Scott Kelly's review and reflections.

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