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This review may contain spoilers.

Gojira is back.

The frantic camera nature and fast-paced dialogue hark right back to Anno's Neon Genesis Evangelion. Not to mention, the music borrowed and reworked from the EVA series breathe a handful of life into Shin Godzilla. Hell, this whole movie felt like another EVA movie. I thought they were gonna start going on about AT fields. Comparisons aside, Anno did an incredible job making a believably practical Godzilla; my only qualms are the physical movement of the beast at some times. The performances in Shin Godzilla all engage and push the conflict forward.

The numerous close-ups and straight-on shots of the cast work very well in juxtaposition with the incoming information and disputes charging the film. I particularly like the shots placed on objects and sent on their way (i.e. police car, office chair, and tank shot, etc.). As a Godzilla movie should, the story takes place mostly on the ground. The "EVA" scenes of this film build an immense anticipation for the next interaction with the lovable kaiju.

While most of the effects were acceptable, I just couldn't help but feel a little underwhelmed by the sound department. Whether the film did not have a suitable budget or was trying for an "older" sound, I won't really know.

I definitely enjoyed this much more than the American remake of 2014 (although I do respect 2014 Goji's effort). Godzilla is about what terrible things mankind is capable of. Shin Godzilla respects and accomplishes that. Of course there's a glimmer of hope for mankind, but not before one truly horrifying shot.

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