Justice League

Justice League ★★★½

Justice League is in no ways a perfect film. But I really do enjoy seeing all these characters on screen. It provides a lot of really cool action scenes, and Gadot, Affleck, and Fisher all deliver great performances in their roles

Steppenwolf is still awful, lots of it’s CGI elements are quite atrocious, The Flash and Aquaman didn’t really work for me all that well, and the 4K was quite disappointing. Some scenes looked really good in 4K, but a lot of it is just so grainy. I tried messing around with the settings, but nothing really worked.

I really do like this movie, it’s still my favorite DCEU film, but that may change

Is it wrong for me to think that this film is better than The Avengers? I think it might be...but that’s the truth...

Justice Leauge is a better film than The Avengers