Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★★

Suicide Squad is a fun, action movie , but that's it. It's definitely not a terrible movie, but it's for sure a farcry from amazing. I did this with my BvS review, so I think I'm gonna do it again with this movie.

1. Deadshot. Great character. It was great to get a lot from his character.
2. Action Scenes. They were quite fun to watch
3. It's a very good looking movie. Love all of the colors and whatnot
4. Batman. Great to see Affleck on the big screen again, great character moments in his few scenes

1. Enchantress. My goodness, what a TERRIBLE villain
2. Rick Flagg. TERRIBLE line delivery, terrible character in general
3. Slipknot. He said only 11 words guys, 11 WORDS
4. The Big Beacon of Light in the Sky. While being a cliche threat, I didn't really get it

On The Fence About
1. Jared Leto as the Joker. He was fine. Leto could've done better
2. Harley Quinn. It was great to see Quinn on the big screen, but my goodness was that character ever so stupid
3. Amanda Waller. She shot a whole bunch of people and no one seems to care

Suicide Squad is a fun movie, I can watch it, but it's definitely not a perfect movie

Still can't believe this film won an Oscar...