Dune ★★½

I read the book a couple weeks ago and decided to watch this, thinking it would be a neat experience. But truth be told, I feel like I would've enjoyed this movie so much more if I was unfamiliar with the source material. Because this movie is fucking batshit, and experiencing the material for the first time through this film would've been a trip, but since I knew what everything was supposed to be and what Lynch was trying to do, it more or less just kind of disappointed me. The visuals in the movie (excluding those repulsive shield effects) are amazing, truly outstanding. But the movie just supersonic blasts its way through this insane story, and I feel like experiencing Dune for the first time through this film will make it so much more enjoyable, because it truly is just pure insanity. It's never really boring. And I can't say I hate this movie, because I don't think it's really bad or anything, it's just rushed and kind of loses all of the thematic appeal of the novel and trades it in for all the surface appeal. It's an interesting watch!

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