Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★½

I don't hate this as much as some other people on this site. I just don't think Waititi's simplistic "kids blindly relishing in Nazi iconography" and "Nazis are dumb" humor is that funny or engaging. It's painfully one-note, and after it goes on for a while, you start to wonder whether Waititi just genuinely didn't care to push the humor any further into more complex ideas or if he just truly underestimates white supremacy and Nazism and just really sees it as "dumb people with a dumb ideology". He peppers in two or three moments where the tone drastically shifts and reminds the audience that Nazis are actually bad because...? I don't know what it does or what it is meant to do for the film. The only character arc in the movie is for Jojo, which can literally be summed up, without hyperbole, as "Nazi learns that Jewish people are human beings". And you could argue that that isn't the arc, and the arc is about a child overcoming his blind fanaticism. But this is billed as an anti-hate satire. So the kid learns to overcome his blind fanaticism and still realize that Jewish people are human beings. Waititi wants you to think that Nazis are dumb. Nazis aren't dumb (I mean, they are dumb, but not in the way this movie paints them) because we had a Nazi murder Heather Heyer two years ago. There are Nazis who have political power today. Nazis aren't blubbering dumb stupid grade-school infantile goopy poopy bullies, they are murderers. I'm not saying this is an "offensive" movie or that you can't make a satire about Nazis but the approach here is so dull and as childish as the Nazis in the film. Every joke here is just "Nazis are dumb ha-ha" or "wow a child said he hates Jews, isn't that crazy?!" It's... kinda boring?

There are a couple of jokes that break out of the formula that are genuinely funny, it's not a poorly made film. The cinematography is pleasant and nice. It's a perfectly watchable film, but it didn't really do anything for me. I really don't understand the love behind this one. I'm sorry.

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