Drive ★★★★

Very stylish and lots of neon lights which automatically makes it pretty good. However, it does have a few problems. For example, the whole Bryan Cranston mechanic place could’ve been replaced with something a little more interesting, as the first 40 minutes is quite dull (apart from the opening sequence obviously). Maybe more scenes at night would’ve been better?

I’m giving this a good rating because I did enjoy the film, but I can’t help but mention that I couldn’t stand Ryan Gosling in this. I’m not sure if it’s how he was told to play the character or whether it was his decision, but he plays one of the blandest characters in film ever, and his face is in a comatose state for most of the film. He does the same in Blade Runner, but at least we know he’s a replicant there. There’s no sci-fi reasoning for the lack of emotional range he shows here. He shows more emotion while wearing that fucking mask than his actual face.

And it’s that smirk too. I hate the smirk.

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