Suspiria ★★★★★

where do i even begin with luca guadagnino's suspiria? while objectively, it is not perfect, subjectively i truly believe this is my favorite movie i have ever seen. it was insane, intense, emotionally riveting, and unapologetically fucking strange. i loved everything in this film. (yes, even the ugly cgi creatures at the end.) i loved the score by thom yorke a lot, especially unmade. the scene with that song really shook me to my core. the performances from tilda swinton and dakota johnson were amazing, as well. the cinematography never disappointed. every frame of this film was so beautiful to watch. even the most uncomfortable and disturbing sequences of it were hard to turn away from, and not just because they were strange shots. but, because of how well composed every sequence in this film was done. most importantly to me, however, was how this film made me FEEL. it made me feel something beyond words. guadagnino made me walk away from this film with brand new eyes. it was if i could see my own world through the lens of this world he created. when you're a person who feels so disconnected from the rest of the world so often, finding a film that makes you feel immersed in the magic of it all and makes you feel as if you are in that world, it is difficult to take for granted. all i can say is that this film made me feel at peace with myself for a couple hours. hopefully this feeling will stick with me for longer than that.

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