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  • Scream


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    *sigh* look you can call me one of those toxic fans this movie wanted to make fun of all you want, but forgive me for watching a movie where the main character has hallucinations of her misogynist, rapist, serial killer father giving her support and encouragement to “fight back”, and thinking that movie doesn’t quite get Scream. 

    Scream 4 brought the franchise back in a much more interesting, clever, funny, and scary way. This was just rough. I could probably say a lot more but I just feel drained.
    No Wes, no Williamson, no charm.

  • Prey



    This movie was fine. I was actually gifted a box set of all the Predator movies a few years ago. Should probably get around to watching all of them finally.