Eternals ★★★★½

I'm sorry but what was all that bullshit I read when this was released back in november about this being marvels weakest film so far?.As much as we all love the 23 films that have come before this what is exactly wrong with having something completely different every now and then?.

An enthralling story,different and diverse characters that many people have been begging for years to see on screen and some great action sequences.

The entire cast were impressive,i have a new found appreciation for the likes of barry keoghan,kumail nanjiani and harry styles even if he was on screen for no more than 2 minutes..he could prove yet another masterstroke casting marvel.

Tiny bit let down by the deviants as they weren't the greatest bad guys for the eternals to face but it didn't impact on my enjoyment.A fantastic addition to the MCU.

Oh and to hear the first words spoken by mahershala ali's blade was awesome.

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