I feel ecstatic. I feel a bass sound right here. A bass that rings to the very bones.

This script is literal heat 🔥

But on a more serious note, outside of Suspiria, this was runner up for my most anticipated film of the year and by damn, this was more than what I’d hoped. 

An elusive, unpredictable and tense ride of millennial rage, envy and obsession. So much to be discussed and dissected throughout. Lee Chang-Dong totally understands how to study his characters and the ways they mentally unwrap with the events taking place that it’s so incredibly hard not to gush at the directing prowess at hand. Every single aspect in this is handled with such care that nothing feels wasted. Extremely impressive for a film with this run time and story.

I’ll stray away from saying anything more simply because this film rewards off the unexpected. A thrilling study of the ruthlessness and recklessness of the young. Two and a half hours of watching an amazing quartet of actors eat at the screen with the most magnetic and haunting script. Burning is a triumph within Korean Cinema and I implor you to go out and experience it at least once. I cannot wait to come back to this and see what else lies underneath the layers. 

2018 Films of the Year

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