You burn barns. I don’t burn barns. There’s this glaring difference and to me, rather than say which of us is strange, I’d like to clear up just what that difference is.

I had to see this a second time, no question.

Ambiguous, Beautiful and Poetic. Millennial rage is something that is present in today’s world and it’s presented extremely well within Lee Chang-dong’s masterful imagining of Murakamis short story. A mystery expanded into more layers that allude to the world we live in today. The world in which we sense that something is wrong but cant quite put a finger on the sum of it all. A story about young people who feel impotent, bottling this rage inside of themselves without complete understanding of how to express it. 

A more than accomplished, completely visualized piece from Lee Chang-dong and one of the best films this year. Cannot wait to come back to this again.

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