Toy Story 4

Being there for a child is the most noble thing a toy can do.

About time I made my way to this one. 

Toy Story 4 was a surprisingly great time. It feels interestingly detached from the first 3 — almost like a spinoff of itself with how almost all of the original toys aren’t the main focus here, save for Woody — but it's a well executed conclusion to Woody's character arc with some great story beats, great moments of comedy and some great sprinkles of horror. As much as I would’ve liked more of an emotional story surrounding every toy of the Andy originals, This is respectfully Woodys show as much as it is a new beginning to any possible future titles that stem from the new supporting cast. Give me anything Duke Caboom and I’ll be there midnight release.

But in all seriousness, as what seems to be the actual closing chapter to this group of toys, I can't say any of the other films in this franchise explore the concepts of existence and purpose in the way that this one does. It’s crazy and deserves just as much praise how the writers made these inner and existential emotions being portrayed through toys feel as relatable to kids as much as it does for adults. For something that would initially be put off as something only kids would love, it’s a warm surprise how resonant and mature something like this can be.

I grew up with this series, and like most people who grew up with this series, I was skeptical about this new entree, especially with the many different writers, and the odd choice for a first teaser focusing on the new character of Tony Hale’s Forky. However, after just finishing, I can say that this deserves just as much inclination into the trilogy as a welcome cap off and goodbye to many of the beloved toys many of us will remember for years.

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