Tenet ★★★★

Wow... just wow... I don’t know why it took me this long to see Tenet.  I was entranced the entire runtime. Time is a subject that Christopher Nolan has tackled in the past with almost every single one of his films. What’s different from his previous work is that he uses time as a literal weapon that can be used as universal annihilation. This film also acts as a sci-if version of Mission Impossible and John David Washington is this films version of Tom Cruise. “The Protagonist” journeys through a twilight world of CIA espionage in order to put time in order from being unstable. Even though we never know his real name, the Protagonist is a great character and really sells his motives and desire to do the right thing. Robert Patterson and Elizabeth Debicki’s characters are fleshed out and are incredibly entertaining to watch. Kenneth Branagh, previously working with Nolan in Dunkirk, was a great choice to have in this film. He is evil but never overindulgent when it comes to his motives. He can be a little hammy with his performance in one scene but it didn’t ruin my experience. This is one of my favorite ensembles that Christopher Nolan has put together. While the film has great actors, I feel that some of them were wasted with either very little screen time, or not a lot of character growth to be had. I won’t say who, but it is really obvious. Nolan has been known for his character to explain a lot and it is also prevalent here. It makes sense for the characters to explain everything because elements he introduces are not factually accurate. I just feel like this film over explains with lots of exposition and we as an audience have to accept it. It is not a major issue I have with the film, it’s just something Nolan has to do better at in his future projects. I have no idea how Nolan was able to integrate the forward motion and the reverse motion in time in the same frame let alone the action sequences. It is extraordinary. It was a visual marvel because nothing seemed fake. The ending is good but not without its flaws. The characters just got lucky and not in the good way. One character does something on a boat that could’ve ruined everything but it accomplished everything without any consequences. It is still an ending that I enjoy.  I do not agree with the critics when they thought the overall score overshadowed the characters dialogue. I thought it was the perfect pitch and tone for the film and very catchy to listen to. I bet my overall enjoyment would increase through another rewatch after seeing what I’ve seen and learned what I’ve learned. This is a great film and I still don’t know where this ranks among  Christopher Nolan’s filmography, but I do know that it’ll be quite high.

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