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before i start the review, i’m gonna copy a tweet that i made about my movie experience:
oh my god our theater made a mistake for eternals and the soundtrack wasn’t playing in the main speakers so you could barely hear the music for the whole movie. that scene from the trailer where kumail is dancing with those actors, all you could hear was breathing and footsteps
literally the climax of the movie was just magic noises and breathing and punchy noises. that’s not the movies fault, but the theater really screwed that one up hahahaha.

now this could ALSO be the theater’s fault, but the first thing i have to say is that this movie is so goddamn dark. for the first half of the movie it was tough for me to see anything, and i was in a  dark movie theater! every seen that took place at night was just so underexposed that it was hard to figure out what was even happening during some of the film.
a lot of the plot in the beginning was poorly organized/paced, and i found it pretty jarring going from scene to scene and moving like thousands of years to figure out what was going on with these characters. but once it got going, the pacing wasn’t awful and the movie didn’t feel painstakingly long, despite its runtime.
and I KNOW. i think it’s a dumb criticism to be like “where were the avengers when this happened” because you gotta just forget about that sometimes when you watch these movies. BUT, this movie was so large scale, like the largest scale movie next to infinity war and endgame to the point where it absolutely makes no logical sense that they wouldn’t run into an avenger or some otherworldly hero during this film. like, there was a massive earthquake in the beginning of the film and this big fight happened on the news and no one went to check it out? dr strange?! hello?! 
i think the cinematography was pretty weak, but the visual effects were pretty good, even if it’s par for the course when it comes to marvel movies. i loved some of the comedy in the movie, especially from kumail nanjiani, and the acting was good as usual for the marvel films. standout actors for me were brian tyree henry and don lee. the story was fine, but a little all over the place. i did like how it strayed from the normal formula of marvel movies, even though it still borrowed a lot from earlier films. i think the pacing could’ve been better and we could have maybe cut off some time from this movie, since a lot of the characters didn’t have the chance to develop anyways even with a 180 minute film.

all in all, i liked this movie more than i disliked it, but it felt like a group of characters that may have taken more from the future of marvel than given to it. i know marvel wants to take their movies to a bigger scale, but it benefits the most from movies that are more grounded in reality (relatively) like shang chi and spider man. 

so, i guess that’s it. i would do a spoiler section but there’s not enough there to make it worth it i think lol
im being a bit critical, but also after 2.5 hours, a movie will do that to u lol.

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