The Front Page ★★★½

Oh yah. Finally off the list, as a true Matthau/Lemmon & Billy Wilder fan this has been on my watchlist for years and years, surprising how difficult It was to find, especially since His Girl Friday is seen as such as classic. 

Sure, this is no Odd Couple, but I really enjoyed it. 

It reminded me of those late 60s widescreen musicals like Oliver! Or Gigi, but with a MUCH more modern script and set in the newspaper world, which is always prime for drama. 

I will say at times the dialogue, 
which was clearly supposed to represent the time,
is pretty offensive, I know it was a different time, but I really did not like seeing one of my favorite actors say “Faggot” 

That aside, I love Newspaper movies, and widescreen films, and films set in this time period, and starring a BUNCH of great actors, I could see myself re-visiting this before Fortune Cookie