• Stigmata



    pretty cool and fun! i am a simple man who loves 90s trash and patricia arquette!

  • Dark Ride

    Dark Ride


    i’m convinced that a lot of you on this app just hate having fun…why does this have a 2.3 average rating

  • Pearl



    this is basically the wizard of oz but if dorothy was so horny that she started killing people

  • Barbarian



    i shoulda never smoke that shit now i’m in the musty basement of my airbnb with bill skarsgård

  • Jaws



    still one of the scariest movies ever made and the sole reason i hate the ocean! seeing robert shaw’s incredible performance and matt hooper’s little oceanographer outfits on the big screen was life-changing. steven spielberg is truly the best!!!

  • Death on the Nile

    Death on the Nile


    i could go on forever about the abundance of absent-minded choices made in this film, the computer desktop-esque cgi backdrop of egypt, the fact that it takes one full hour to actually have a death on the nile, etc., but i still can’t comprehend how underutilized annette bening was in this.

    also, i love seeing emma mackey delightfully camping it up and i fear that kenneth branagh peaked when he was in harry potter and the chamber of secrets.

    sorry agatha christie!

  • Jacuzzi


    i love maya & anna so much 😭

  • Niagara



    jean peters and marilyn monroe…you both are mother to a lot of these girls

  • Miss Congeniality

    Miss Congeniality


    i gave commentary to all my friends during this…i am a true cinephile

  • Speed




  • Moonstruck



    literally one of the most perfect movies ever made!!! there is quite honestly nothing that i would change; everyone on and off-screen is bringing their absolute best to the table.

    viewing number 9 (?) with my boyfriend and he really liked it <3

  • Silver Bullets

    Silver Bullets


    i feel like i’m missing something, but after a while this did nothing for me :/