The Night House

The Night House ★★★★

The Night House is probably the best horror movie released this year so far. Atmospheric, intense and unpredictable, it's how a top-notch horror movie is supposed to be, and a strong central presence from Rebecca Hall also helps greatly.

The complicity of The Night House is way beyond its simple premise promises. A widowed woman goes back to her lake-side house to mourn the sudden suicide of her husband, and accidentally uncovers secrets from her dead husband's past. It's far more than a generic psychological thriller, or a typical haunted house story. Instead, for the first half of the story, one wouldn't have any idea how the story would develop, or even what sub-genre this story would opt for, as multiple explanations could fit the narrative perfectly. It's only during the second half that the true direction of the story finally reveals itself, while there are still superb twists and turns that would swing the most seasoned horror cinephiles off their feet.

Style wise The Night House is also as good as it gets. Having worked on offbeat anthology horrors like Southbound and VHS, director David Bruckner is comfortable enough with his golden touch to create a trippy, Lovecraftian world where even cheap jump scares feel justifiable. It has signs of studio pressures for sure, but overall The Night House is still a decent output with an ingenious script and enough indie horror spirits. Highly recommended.

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