Together Together

Together Together ★★★★

Together Together is the prime example of winning the audience over with utmost sincerity, despite a somewhat lowkey storyline. With its unmistakable American indie identity, Together Together manages to create a micro space where both laughs and tears are provided adequately in the most naturalistic manner, and the end result is simply a dazzling experience that tackles the universal human conditions to the teeth.

Together Together is ultimately a story about loneliness and coping, as we follow the uneventful yet at the same time emotionally resonant relationship between a single, middle aged man, and his younger, equally tormented surrogate. It's not a story where slow burns are eventually rewarded with twists or shattering turns of events, yet it's simply impossible to remove your eyes from the screen, mostly from the mesmerizing chemistry between the always charming Ed Helms, and Patti Harrison, who executed the role of a pregnant woman perfectly. Supporting players were also equally impressive in this, from a catty Julio Torres, to Sufe Bradshaw's portrait of a highly memorable nurse.

What's most impressive about Together Together definitely lies in its painfully honest depiction of both the sweetness and awkwardness of two loners connecting over a shared purpose, and the ensuing personal demons that get in the way. It's characteristic of the indie tropes but also evident of its own distinctive trademarks and witty social commentaries to render the whole quirky experience wholesome and memorable. If you are looking for 90 minutes of fun time to kill, look no further.

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