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  • All of Us Strangers

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  • Memory


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  • The Elephant Man

    The Elephant Man


    Not my favorite Lynch but it's still perfectly fine. Without his surrealism and dream exploration trademark, Lynch turned in a highly humanistic drama that shines more visually than contextually. It's too long for its own good, and some scenes had me rolling my eyes (both the opening and ending are ridiculous), but the message it conveys is undeniably timeless.

    Based on the story of a real-life deformed British man in the late 1800s, The Elephant Man takes on a biopic…

  • The Boy and the Heron

    The Boy and the Heron


    Operates at 50% of Hayao Miyazaki's peak at best. personal filmmaking should never be an excuse to butcher storytelling, and despite good visuals, a subpar script here kills all the momentum of this long, cryptic and funless experience.

    Miyazaki obviously projects his own life experiences and ideologies onto the protagonist, a Japanese boy who lived through his teenage years during WWII. All the wartime hardship, pain and ambition are signs of the time, which explains the controversies it caused in…

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  • Memory



    Far too safe and conventional for Michel Franco's standards. I like Franco because he is a provocateur who suffocates the audience by depicting evil in the most banal form. Memory, a drama that solely operates on its two shocking reveals, turns out to be a compromised copout.

    The relationship between two sick souls is the central plot here, and Franco throws out his first pitch very early to keep the guessing game going. Compared to Franco's earlier efforts, Memory feels…

  • The Zone of Interest

    The Zone of Interest


    A technical marvel with not much to say. Operating on its artificial gimmick, The Zone of Interest completely beats around the bush when it comes to storytelling, which is both a boon and a curse, and it shows.

    Providing snapshots of a Nazi commander's family living next to the Auschwitz concentration camp, this starts strong as a voyeuristic, detached look into a dangerous coexistence and a piece of history we've all known too well. The cinematography, interior design, and score…

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  • Close



    Toxic masculinity is harmful. In Close, the tender, beautiful friendship between two teenage boys is put to test by a world hostile to male intimacy. It is flawed, but the message it conveys is undeniable and timeless.

    Hampered by its conventional storytelling skills, Close never fully lives up to its potential considering its hard-hitting subject matter, but it does have glorious moments that lure the audience in. The gorgeous cinematography ensures a visual treat, and the two child actors were…

  • Dune



    I know, Dune is as technically perfect as any other Denis Villeneuve work, but it's also at the same time boring, vapid, and overlong. There's a reason why I've been holding off reading Dune the book or watching the Lynch version, and that's because everything about the story feels hopelessly boring, and Villeneuve's insanely hyped, critically acclaimed version only reinforces my perception of it.

    My main critique of these larger-than-life, action-packed productions is the fact that they focus so much…