Eternals ★★★★

Eternals proves once again that Marvel is not the problem. The problem is bad directors and bad scripts. Chloe Zhao, one of the best directors working today, adds her indie crafts and abundant sentimentality into an already brilliant, multi-layered story, and the end result is a splendid mainstream crowdpleaser with the identical emotional core as Nomadland or The Rider.

Eternals works on almost every single metric possible. With a highly absorbing, sprawling superhero epic that looks over the history of human existence and comments on the fallacy of the humanly inherent vices, Eternals is truly an intelligent fable that feels instantly timeless, and the delicate, detailed portrait of its array of superheroes is wonderfully embodied by possibly the most diverse ensemble in cinema history ever. Every single cast member pitched in to deliver a memorable, captivating experience that goes way beyond its monolith of a runtime, especially Gemma Chan and Richard Madden, the emotional pillar stones of this tale of salvation.

Admittedly there are visible signs of studio meddling that prevent the oddly rushed Eternals from fully presenting Zhao's masterful visions, but even only at a fraction of her full capacity, Zhao is still able to translate her indie mastery well enough into the mainstream world and it's already a great feat on its own. Highly recommended.

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