The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★½

Firstly, I'm convinced that Shane Black just peaks inside of my brain and creates films 100% catered towards me. Dark comedies have always been something that peak my interest more so than other genres because they're just so damn hard to do right. Now I don't think that The Nice Guys is a true dark comedy because it was definitely lighter in tone than most, but to me personally it's just dark enough to be one. The way Black balances all these darker elements like death, porn and and alcoholism and still manages to make this film funny as hell is remarkable.

Secondly, Ryan Gosling, Russel Crowe and Angourie Rice have next level chemistry. This trio is something to look out for people! The use of Holly as the third wheel to Healy and Holland's buddy cop film was just enough of a shake up from the norm to make the whole film feel fresh and added a more lightheartedness to it. Also whenever Crowe and Gosling had a chance to riff back and forth was just golden because of how clearly great their chemistry was.

Lastly, I just straight up love The Nice Guys. Films like this one just don't exist nowadays, and we are blessed to have Shane Black doing his thing. People need to go out and see this movie! It's such a refreshing twist from all of the big CGI spectacles that are seemingly taking over Hollywood.

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