The Social Network ★★★★★

This has to be one of the worst Oscar snubs in history, at least as far as I am concerned. It easily stands alongside Jake Gyllenhaal not even being nominated for an award in Nightcrawler.

Jake suffered the indignation (or not, he might not care but I do) of 'losing' to the insufferably awful Eddie Redmayne and his borderline offensive impersonation of the then living legend that was Stephen Hawking.

At least The Social Network was nominated for all the awards it deserved and won a good number of them -the score remains to this day absolutely fucking brilliant. However, being nominated was not enough of a reward when it lost to the entirely mediocre The King's Speech, which on repeat viewings loses more and more shine. What is even worse is that every single other competitor was also better than The King's Speech, I mean seriously, how the fuck did it win the top two prizes?!?

However, despite that disappointment, The Social Network remains and will always remain a complete masterpiece. It's a film with every single element within it operating in total harmony.

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