No Time to Die

No Time to Die

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

the Cuba sequence is excellent & everything I want out of a Bond movie. everything else makes me wish Craig’s run concluded with Skyfall. Then again, I think Quantum of Solace rocks so what do I know?

update: I listened to Sean Fennessey’s interview with  Fukunaga where he says what he *really* wanted to do was reboot Bond post-Craig. I love Daniel Craig as Bond, but please give me that movie!

(quick Craig Bond personal rundown for reference

casino royale: masterpiece, a perfect blockbuster. Vesper’s intro on the traincar is GOAT caliber. also, remember how big parkour was culturally? that was weird. 

quantum of solace: I get all the complaints, but I have always liked this movie. It came out right before my Dad died and I found myself rewatching it a lot throughout my teenage years. the nihilistic tone & a plot that is essentially: “an angry alcoholic hitman wants to kill God, settles for everyone else”, connected with me at that point in my life. The sequence in Haiti & the death of Rene are the high points for me.

skyfall: a good movie, with a great villain that I always rewatch when I catch it on cable. though if I’m being honest I’d rather just rewatch the Dark Knight, but that’s a separate conversation.

spectre: I love the opening in Mexico City and everything with Monica Bellucci, don’t really like the rest of it but I keep trying because people I trust love it. Andrew Scott always makes me think of Sherlock. remember how big Sherlock was culturally? that was weird)

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