Burning ★★★★★

"Jong-su, I think you're too serious. It's no fun if you're serious. Have fun. You should feel the pulse... from here. It resonates from deep down your bones. That's what being alive is."

Lee Chang-dong deserves all of our attention. His well-accomplished blazing desire to serve a fresh and reeling character-driven picture made me feel something very different, a very rare feeling about how cinema can be this fucking good.

Burning is unlike any other film. It is a defiant slow-burning mystery that's ultimately unafraid to turn back from the general audience's easy style of movie viewing. The characters throw tons of stuff in front of you, and you'll eventually realize how it all alter into a whole new meaning and interpretation by the end of it.

I'm certain to call this film a masterpiece. Thanks for this blessing, Lee Chang-dong.

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