Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★★

"Don't take it personally, they're just trying to figure out if you're a gold digging whore. You know, like my wife."

It's really a delight seeing a smart yet noticeably vulnerable protagonist in a horror film, played exceptionally by the newest scream queen, Samara Weaving.

Ready or Not is a good example of style and substance smoothly meshing well together. Its utilization of handheld camerawork during certain scenes elevates the tension and claustrophobia (even though it's set on a big mansion). On the other hand, it's an in-your-face metaphor about social class warfare that had been around centuries ago. The grim hatred and anger are clearly reflected on Weaving's character's deafening screams.

The year 2019 has been a great one for movies that echo a common social critique. With the likes of Parasite, Ready or Not is essentially one of this year's best films tackling the said subject matter. It's wild and totally satisfying.

"F*cking rich people!"

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