The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★★

"Doldrums. Doldrums. Eviler than the Devil. Boredom makes men to villains."

Among all of this year's known horror directors' sophomore efforts, Robert Eggers' film is easily the best one. The Lighthouse isn't only the best horror film, but also the BEST FILM of the year.

Eggers really knows how to hold its viewers captive from the very moment it started until the credits began to roll. He has his own ways of making a horror film. To those who liked, or loved, The VVitch, prepare yourself to ditch it once you're finished watching this. Its uniqueness sets itself apart from most horror films that came out this decade. Yes, this decade. With the mesmerising use of black and white cinematography, claustrophobia-inducing aspect ratio, nerve-racking score, and a pair of explicit performances from Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe, this film becomes an instant favorite of mine.

If you're looking for jumpscares, then please stay away. It's just about two lighthouse keepers gradually losing their sanity in a windy and isolated island. It's deeply psychological as it shows these men who really don't understand themselves. The Greek mythology resemblance? Perfect. The farts? Guess that old man needs some antiflatulents.

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