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  • Goldfinger



    Initial thoughts can be found here. An optional rewatch as my 35mm theater experience was beyond ideal. But hey, I'm cruising through the entire franchise, and this sturdily slick effort is always a delight. Surprised I forgot to mention the superb pre-credits intro—a steamroller of suspense, from Bond's looming ocean-seagull disguise, to blowing up the kingpin's lab, and that brilliant close-up of a henchman's reflection in Bonita's eyeball. Still dislike Bond and Oddjob's graceless fistfight (though Sakata gives a great…

  • Black Moon

    Black Moon


    File alongside Malle's broad versatility to go a newer route. At this point, I've seen ten movies by him and they're all so dissimilar. I mentioned his eclectic variance during Viva Maria! and could've saved it for this wackadoo piece of dream logic. Not a single sequence can be equated to the rest of his filmography.

    Whether that's a barometer of quality, though, hasn't always been the case. I'm not convinced this movie is able to decide between Freudian melancholia…

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  • Heathers



    Most casual viewers would recall John Hughes' coming-of-age high-school misfits, the raunchier shtick in Porky's, or those hangout days in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. On a more pungent note, there stood a revengeful, satirically anti-suicide black comedy which subverted American teen society with its cynical eyes. This movie is hilariously nasty, ahead of its time and still relevant. Oh, right, and I get some sadistic smirk as liquid drainer is misled to be a hangover cure!

    More recently, it…

  • Transformers: Age of Extinction

    Transformers: Age of Extinction

    Mark Wahlberg: Get off my property! You need a warrant!
    Federal Agent: MY FACE... IS MY WARRANT.

    Jesus Christ.

    Not sure if you filmed enough low-angle shots of buff bodies, Bay.

    Sound and fury signifies fuck all once again.

    Literally 50 minutes of third-act city destruction in Beijing.

    Corporation-y, government something something, serious talk from non-entity people.

    Sunsets, explosions and leggy women.

    More of the same except this time I somehow had to switch off buttons I never knew existed.