2046 ★★★½

Now it'd dawned on me that Wong's ethos shares a connection to In the Mood for Love. Whereas the earlier film created an entire picture through beautiful glimpses, the latter just might be more sensorial and conceptual. They both work as a fitting double-bill, though, and future reference would have me doing that.

There's the seamless blend of ravishing visuals, retro style and romantic fatalism through wooden interiors and chaotic exteriors. They each have a linking of two people living in neighbouring apartments - the former still striking me with its wonderful character restraint, and yet it elides being a carbon copy, for the latter utilizes Leung and Zhang as wildly uncontrollable types.

I dig how his primary themes are taken to a sci-fi parallel and forge this more ambitious, imaginary world. Yet the exploration of love denied is unquestionably more emotional and thought-provoking in the predecessor. That's just a more classic, nostalgic and aesthetically pleasing film whereas 2046 has great moments in spades (a gorgeous score over and swooning montages) but remains structurally dense. Many similarities, and a few differences, working together as a fine companion piece.