Antiviral ★★½

Hugely disappointing. After the whole Cronenbergian novelty has worn off about celebrity worship, the appeal of conformity and our natural fear of bodily invasions, the narrative drags in a state of nothingness and only becomes more and more convoluted. There is a fascinating albeit nonsensical science fiction concept here, although it's played with too much of a straight face and doesn't satisfy enough in the grotesque fashion I was anticipating - and neither managed to be a mind-bending horror story. Having said that, the perpetually uncomfortable performance of Caleb Landry Jones is a real success as he feels physically consumed by the virus and emerges as a kind of human lab rat. Most notably, the backgrounds are created with these flagrantly beautiful whites amidst some dynamic black and reds - which was a more aesthetically pleasing aspect I admired. Expectations of something ballsy, audacious and a welcoming nod to daddy Cronenberg never engrossed me. But it's original enough with a number of ideas, and that alone is fairly acceptable. The trailer completely killed this movie and its cumbersome second half. Nearly passable.

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