Gloria ★★★½

Initial thoughts can be found here. Obligatory rewatch before Lelio's English-language remake this weekend. There's still enough to entice; Garcia's superb portrayal of lofty assurance and cloistered solitude, that comes to splendid life in attending the single discos. Meanwhile, the sexual frankness that's depicted in Gloria and Rodolfo's affair, is an admirable rarity for 50-somethings even in a non-Hollywood romance. But now I realize just how schematic Lelio has written their bond, and thus I docked half-a-star. Not once, but twice Rodolfo abandons her, and the second time occurs during a rather genuine dinner date. I also feel the on-the-nose encounters that Gloria stumbles upon (e.g. the dancing skeleton, the white peacock), make for a superficial character-based connection. Still, with Umberto Tozzi's subsequent "Gloria" needle-drop, you couldn't end on a more uplifting note. (That is on-the-nose, but I'm smiling too much to really care.) She will persevere, and does so with such passionate fervour, that her right is fully earned.