Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★

Initial thoughts can be found here and here. Third viewing, last seen in theaters, and I've now simmered down on its procedural mood. Unlike Zodiac which put obsessive data into a tenebrous atmosphere, that eeriness only arrives in brief spurts. (Either with Nick's spousal violence on Amy, or when she enacts her plan at Desi's lake house.) I realize this isn't decidedly that film, but given Fincher's surgical gifts, it had the potential to be. Elsewhere, though, it's still the remarkably misanthropic pulp affair from half-a-decade ago. And is so intuitive about the marital visage—to our honour, to our partners, to our neighbours, to our authorship, etc, and ultimately the clamoring media, sold through Pike and Affleck's shrewd cynicism. Deceit has rarely been so riveting.

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