Insurgent ★★

A bit inferior to Divergent. It feels the need to brood over material that's already been established (Tris suffering from traumas about her parents, killing Will and the demise of Abnegation) when it should be kicking into narrative gear. But soon enough it goes to a fairly exciting chase sequence that involves Dauntless and the Factionless as an escape route from Amity's grounds. That might've been the best scene and it peaks at 15 minutes. Rest of the movie is Kate Winslet stressing over a mysterious box, too much proximity between Woodley and James and the final-third putting Tris in artificial reality to simulate most of the set-pieces. Still unable to immerse myself in scenes which don't take place in the real world, but the SFX do have plenty of detail. And yeah, it's more ironically conformist than Divergent and substitutes the Zedd/Ellie Goulding soundtrack with a self-serious score. Teller at least livens the proceedings with his welcoming sarcasm.