Jupiter Ascending ★★½

Yeah, I'm being somewhat lenient on this. But all of the aerial peow-peow turned me into a giddy child as roller-skating Tatum moved through dazzling celestial vistas. Just add an operatically rousing score and I've been won. All of the action owns. On the contrary, it's hurt by the weakest narrative momentum. Kunis is wooed then duped by not one, not two, but three siblings in alternate scenes (the youth-obsessed Middleton, ever-so-boring Booth and hilariously-raspy Redmayne) when it should be kicking into gear. I understand they're doing this as a means of acquiring genetic significance, but it's totally bereft of continuance. Still, Jupiter Ascending had more enjoyment than I expected. The Wachowski's can embrace the absurdity of this genre by using their kooky imaginations. They just suck a bit of that magnificence into a synopsis black hole.

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