That Sugar Film ★★★

Australian actor Damon Gameau takes obvious influence from what Morgan Spurlock did in Super Size Me and puts his health on the line. For two months, he consumes the equivalent of 40 teaspoons of sugar a day. The result becomes rather eye-opening due to eating the same amount of calories before pre-experiment (2300 a day) and still gaining considerable weight from quantities in cereal, low-fat yogurt and soft drinks. His message becomes demonstrated that sugar, rather than fat, is the reason to blame for rising levels of obesity and diabetes. It's a much lesser film about exposing the persuasive efforts of billion-dollar food corporations and how sugar can effect children's learning efforts, though. Had the film tackled this on a wider length, it would've shown a more impressive angle. There's also some appropriately colourful graphics to match the facts and an enjoyable cameo from Hugh Jackman.