The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★

What has been seen, cannot be unseen!

The unrelenting fury of Christological references, pseudo-spiritualism, overt symbolism and random absurdity is a true assault-upon-the-senses for the viewer.

Jodorowsky's eclectic imagination is utterly bizarre, jaw-droppingly fascinating, completely bewildering and at times quite powerful. As for consistency and comprehension, I'm still etched towards Santa Sangre as I feel The Holy Mountain is at its best in those strangely surrealist opening 30 minutes (little toads dressed in conquistador outfits simulating a bloody conquering of the Mexican by the Spanish) followed by a series of events which'll offend about a half-dozen religions.

Then things turn towards the more bewitching and sexually perverse (a giant orgasm machine that assesses love-making skills) or plain nonsensical (an alchemical transformation of human shit into gold) but this all culminates into a profound conclusion where Jodorowsky himself breaks the fourth wall. All in all: I would describe this unique experience as absurd, visionary, amusing, disturbing, confounding, beautiful and unforgettable.

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