Toxin ½

When extremely dangerous spores are found contaminating in an elderly woman's basement, military-led scientists realize they have a potential bio-weapon on their hands. Inadvertently, a group of young adults visit the elderly woman's home and fall prey to this top secret experiment. If the dumbness of that plot synopsis hasn't convinced you yet— then revel in its bogus science, incompetent acting and shoddy-as-fuck production values. Cause that's what you're given in this unintentionally hilarious mess. Some real bottom-of-the-barrel stuff. Say goodbye to character depth as the toxin makes way into their nervous system. Each person's histrionics are a goldmine of laughs. Danny Glover got too old for this shit. Vinnie Jones does scowling Londoner once again. Beverley Mitchell was better in "7th Heaven". They don't get much worse than this.