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  • Godzilla: King of the Monsters

    Godzilla: King of the Monsters


    Score: 47%👎🏻

    What a hot mess. All this movie had to do for me to give it at least a solid score was give me a lot of cool monster fighting and it couldn’t even do that. It felt like a solid 75% of this movie was just people in a big plane talking. And the dialogue. Oh my god the dialogue was bad. I was fully expecting some cheesy dialogue and that’s fine but it felt like every other…

  • Aladdin



    Score: 90%🔥

    Ok so by no means was this a perfect movie but I’m giving it a 4 1/2 just because of how much I personally enjoyed it. I had SO MUCH fun in this movie and I would say it’s definitely my favorite Live Action Disney remake so far. First of all I loved Mena Massoud as Aladdin. He was super likeable and he did a really great job. Naomi Scott was also an awesome Jasmine. I can’t really…

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  • Power Rangers

    Power Rangers


    Score: 76%✅

    I’ve heard extremely mixed things about this movie and to be honest I only finally decided to watch it because Naomi Scott is in it but I was pleasantly surprised. It’s pretty much just pure cheesy Power Rangers fun. The characters are actually really well done and they did a good job fleshing them out for a first movie. The worst part was definitely the villain. I finished the movie about 10 minutes ago and I already forgot…

  • The Dirt

    The Dirt


    Score: 72%✅

    The Dirt was a pretty fun movie to watch. There really wasn’t a second in this where I was bored but it’s still a very by the book musical biopic. What I mean by that is we’ve seen pretty much everything in this film before. Despite that I still had a really good time. The performances were all great. Machine Gun Kelly was really the standout for me as Tommy (the drummer). One of the bigger negatives is…

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  • Game of Thrones: The Last Watch

    Game of Thrones: The Last Watch


    Score: 85%✅

    I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan so naturally I enjoyed this documentary. It basically shows you just how much work went into the last season and gives some much deserved appreciation for all the people working behind the scenes. If you don’t like Game of Thrones or didn’t watch the last season than don’t watch it. If you do like Game of Thrones(like any sane human) and watched the last season than I would definitely recommend it.

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  • Always Be My Maybe

    Always Be My Maybe


    Score: 78%✅

    This was a very solid Rom Com for sure. Ali Wong was very good and I thought Randall Park (aka Asian Jim) was really the standout. Their chemistry was surprisingly great in my opinion. In terms of story this is pretty standard in terms of Romantic Comedies but that wasn’t a bad thing. Especially when it’s a Netflix movie like this you don’t need to do anything groundbreaking to be a really solid film. Also I didn’t realize…