Spring Breakers ★★★½

The A24 Challenge - Film #3

“Spring break... spring break... spring break fo’ever.”

The second half of this movie is what earns the 3.5 Star. Everything leading up to the introduction of Alien felt like a mess of graphic nudity that only worked if you viewed it as a satire of the “spring break” culture. Even after Alien arrives the movie doesn’t amount to anything huge, but the beautiful visuals and cinematography make up for the fairly superficial story. The piano montage is the standout of this film, employing the tried-and-true “let’s play music over a violent scene that doesn’t match what’s happening at all!!”, but for whatever reason it works here, and well.

This movie is definitely not what it seems, but the major flaw is that you have to get about 40 minutes into the movie before it starts to shine. And for most people, they’re already long gone by then, and I can’t blame them.