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  • Thirteen Lives

    Thirteen Lives


    Ron Howard, a historically inconsistent and somewhat vanilla director responsible for the likes of A Beautiful Mind, Apollo 13, and of course, the unforgettable Solo: A Star Wars Story, outdoes his reputation with an adaption of the critically acclaimed documentary The Rescue that bolsters plenty of star power with Viggo Mortensen and Colin Farrell, to serviceable results.
    Surprisingly, its somewhat of a technical marvel, its underwater diving sequences are brilliantly shot, and feel pretty tense and claustrophobic from scene to…

  • Prey



    Wildly entertaining and thoroughly tense, this prequel takes the franchise back to its roots with successful results. What makes it so enjoyable is that it replays familiar story beats but with inventive and inspired twists that relate to the setting and characters. Additionally, there’s a ton of gnarly kills, the characters aren’t completely hollow, and there’s a halfway interesting plot to invest in. One of my only complaints is there’s a few corny lines of dialogue here and there that…

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  • Re-Animator



    Over the top campiness and gore take center stage in this hilarious zombie flick that doesn’t over stay its welcome. It gets absolutely insane by the end with a spotlight on some incredible practical effects, and I loved every second.

  • Smile



    Its definitely 30 minutes too long and the over-arching allegory is pretty lame but its effectively creepy when it wants to be and the filmmaking is competent . Overall its a well made, albeit conventional horror film that I mostly enjoyed.

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  • Us



    Ambitious, but never fully realizing its true potential, Peele’s sophomore effort is more along of the lines of your standard cat and mouse chaser slasher with only mere dashes of humor and a disappointing lack of thrills. The ending is a let down as well, and slightly convoluted in its execution, and overall the film just does far too little to keep you invested throughout. 
    Nyong’o is fantastic, she was long overdue for a lead role such as this, in…

  • Extinction



    Good fucking God Netflix