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  • Crumb



    posing as an apathetic, misanthropic outsider (without any empathy toward humanity at all) is perhaps the easiest thing in the world that one can do. and generally being a creep who just calls everyone and everything bullshit doesn’t tend to manifest good art for me.

    the filmmakers, its participants and others would revere Crumb as some kind of genius though, a Goya of his day. the middle classes are a bunch of idiots. they lap it up if you draw…

  • Free Solo

    Free Solo


    - it's funny to me that free soloing attracts these kind of speedrunner types, where incremental adjustments are constantly being made on these rock faces for the optimum climbing routes and that's what they're conquering. a geometric puzzle. not a climb. love these nerds
    - i feel like if you gave any of these guys a beer, it wouldn't be long before they were telling you how the joker's worldview is correct or some shit
    - the tension that…

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  • Captain Marvel

    Captain Marvel


    pre-emptive 5* because of all the weirdos rating this down in response to Brie Larson making a tweet about wanting to see more people of colour in journalism

  • You Were Never Really Here

    You Were Never Really Here


    I see your “tired trope of a traumatised man finding violence as some kind of outlet" and “basic visual metaphors” comments and think you’re a bunch of nerds.

    You Were Never Really Here is unafraid of violence, confronting an ending of a cycle of abuse and trauma like a slow-death. It's engaging and punchy: dealing with themes of masculinity and subverting the genres of noir/modern crime films in the process. I feel like any other screenwriter/director combo would have tried to push the 120 minute mark with this script but it's perfect as is.

    It’s a beautiful day