I only log the films I really like/experiences I never want to forget. 5 stars are my absolute favorites.

Favorite films

  • history of japan
  • Yi Yi
  • Days of Heaven
  • Mon Oncle

Recent activity

  • Magnolia


  • The Killer

  • 1x7


  • There Will Be Blood


Recent reviews

  • Magnolia



    As I’ve gotten a little older this movie resonates on a level it never could have years ago. It hurts so much, and focuses on loss so greatly that the magnification transports me into my own shame and pain and loss.

    I think its impossible to not have the movie get as close as possible to ruining your day, then suddenly the last 5 minutes undoes it all. The film is a complete release, that validates all of the hurt for its runtime only to end by whispering “it’ll be okay” like Phillip Seymour Hoffman into your ear.

  • The Killer

    The Killer

    So great to see in a theater. Loved the attention to detail and personally believe it’s Fincher’s take on his own filmmaking philosophy. Subtle character arc with an even subtler performance. Wonderful.

Popular reviews

  • Nacho Libre

    Nacho Libre


    Fuck it, 5 stars. 

    My entire family quotes it regularly. I absolutely love everything that it pulls off. Crude and slow and beautiful. One of my absolute favorite things to watch.

  • mid90s


    Fav part is when the main character does a kickflip and shouts:

    "Andre de Nervaux is a hack"