Days of Heaven

Days of Heaven ★★★★★

the whistle blows alongside the breezy wind.

the wheels on the track utter in dead silence.

all we see is nature. 
grains, weed, dandelions. soft, sweet mounds.

in the horizon feign planks appear, wooden planks.

the wheels on the track grow quieter and quieter.

schemes, plots, plans, from now on.
controversies, ideas, proposals.

warmth and tenderness under the sun of spring. merry play-fights in the frosty snows of winter. swift colours in the frisky time of autumn…

chirping, contaminants, chaos, fire. betrayal, gloom, treachery. love, death, demise.

lakes, rivers, mountains, tranquility. but time…

regret, remorse, revenge.

love, memories, death. 


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