Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★½

For the people who don’t see the greatness of this movie please read this.

It’s a movie that tackles: identity, religion, maturity, popularity, sex, parent issues, friendship, relationship, true love, fake love, true friends and fake friends. It does all of that in a 1:30 runtime like no other movie. This young girl trying to discover herself and wanting to make the choices she wants but simultaneously trying to have fun and living the teenage life.

The beginning introduces you to the type of life she has and the type of life she wants. It also shows you the relationship she has with her mother and father. If I had mommy or daddy issues this would probably be my favourite movie.

The ending on the other hand felt empty, but in a good way. It’s a very weird sensation of sadness, emptiness, freedom, liberty and also ( oddly enough ) anxiety. 

We see Lady Bird maturing over the year and question her decisions but also understand them. Greta Gerwig is an extremely realistic director portraying perfectly what the life of a socially awkward 17 year old looks like. The performances are so good, Saoirse Ronan delivers above and beyond, shout out to Laurie Metcalf too! The script is my favourite of 2017 and I also adore the editing.

This is not everybody’s cup of tea but If you didn’t really like it the first time, please give it a second chance!

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